New viscometer put into operation

The ENNEATECH AG laboratory has upgraded and replaced the old viscometer with two measuring stands for a new model with four measuring stations. Therefore the solution viscosity of polyamide can now be determined with twice the capacity. Besides, the dosage of sulfuric acid is safer and easier with a new autotitrator (piston burette).
In the meantime, two major measuring instruments have been renewed in the laboratory after the DSC thermal analysis system -to check the purity of PA6 & PA6.6- was replaced two years ago.

Numerous raw material samples from polyamide fibers and produced granules of the product lines ENTRON blue and ENTRON are checked daily.
The in-house measurement of the Relative Viscosity is based on the Determination of the Viscosity Number according to ISO 307 using glass capillary in the Ubbelohde viscosimeter, but is carried out with a different concentration (RV with 0.1 g/L compare VN with 0.05 g/L).