Our production is located in East Frisia, the regenerative energy region of Germany. East Frisia produces an excess of energy which is generated from wind, biogas and solar power plants. In the neighbourhood of our premises, we have two biogas plants and a wind turbine. The solar plant on our office building in Grossefehn provides 80% of our current consumption in our office building. We have a heat utilization from a neighbouring biogas plant for the drying process of our ENTRONYL products. Nearly 85% of our total energy consumption is based on renewable energy.


Through an own eco-balance, which can be the basis for the issue of an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) according to DIN EN 15804, the Enneatech AG demonstrates, that the utilization of high-grade textile fiber by-products resulting in the production of different textile products already realizes the intention to conserve resources.
Besides that, the precise specification analysis of the Polyamid fibres and their target-oriented combination secures a pellet quality which is – regarding its basic material properties – comparable with virgin material. Due to this connection, ENTRON blue serves as an ideal and sustainable resource in any case, where a convenient eco-balance in connection with high quality is demanded.


However, the commitment of the ENNEATECH AG does not end with our products. We insert our own or additionally bought renewable energy sources in all our production halls and warehouses. Further we use an own photovoltaic plant.

Sustainability – Focussing on the future of the earth

The ENNEATECH AG represents a sustainable development and an equitable conversion and consideration of environmental, economic and social aims.
Value Chain
Just in the construction engineering „green building“ with sustainable basic materials becomes more important, because buildings are more often certified according to Green-Building-Labels. But also the automobile industry obtains a greater sense of responsibility along the entire production circle of an automobile und is always searching for new methods to arrange and to use processes and products especially with resource efficiency and afterwards to be able to return them into the recovered substance cycle.
Carbon Footprint
Due to the use of sustainable raw materials, our ENTRON blue characterizes itself through the positive influence on the reduction of climate-damaging CO2 emissions. By reducing CO2, we improve not only our own eco-balance, but also that of our clients, who thereby have the possibility to realize their Sustainable Development Goals.
Improvement of Energy Efficiency
It is our aim to reduce our energy demand by 10 % until 2020 by using energy-efficient products like engines, lamps and so on. In 2013, we obligated ourselves to introduce an alternative system to improve the energy efficiency according to § 5 SpaEfV. That was the first step in increasing the energy efficiency continuously.

Our already accomplished ecological achievements:

Improved energy efficiency
Positive eco-balance of ENTRON blue
Usage of renewable energy sources